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Impulse week resilience

feel joie de vivre

strengthen self-esteem

experience lightness


Do you often doubt yourself?

Do you feel like you don't deserve a happy and easy life?

Do you sense that there is more waiting for you, but don't know how to get there?

The place to find your answers is within you!

Your INSIDE is where positive change begins!


  • Your focus not only determines how you are feeling, but also your energy, motivation, how much you believe in yourself and how you see and "evaluate" yourself.

  • Being happy is a conscious decision, not something that happens by accident

  • Your thoughts create your reality. Worries about the future lead to fears in the here-and-now

  • You have endless abilities if you allow yourself to see them and find the courage to live them

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Be there live!

September 6 - 10, 2021

Daily at 6:30 p.m


5 intensive days for inner strength, serenity and self-confidence

5 intensive days for inner strength, serenity and self-confidence


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That awaits you

Tips and exercises to get clear on who you are, and what you REALLY want

Get clear on your life vision, purpose, and passion! Which life do YOU want to create?

Identify your core values, prioritize them in your choices, and live healthier, more confident, and authentic

5 workbooks with a detailed description of each day's topic to practice the techniques and answer self-reflective questions

Ditch the disempowering story you are telling yourself which, and transform it into an empowering and true story

Experience a live Hypnotherapy session to release blockages and limiting beliefs from your unconscious mind to thrive confident and unstoppable

Day 1:

Self-Awareness - Discover who you are

Day 2:

What do you REALLY want? What is your WHY?

Day 3:

Program your Mind to Happiness & Confidence

Day 4:

Self-Worth & Confidence Boost. Live hypnotherapy sessions

Day 5:

Identify your top 3 core values & goal setting

Day 6:

BONUS: 60 min live Q&A to answer all your questions

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Clarity is Alignment

Clarity is a clear impulse from where to go.

Clarity is trusting the path.

Clarity is not standing in a wobbly place.

Clarity is the momentum that has no resistance,

and when you're in that place of clarity

the feeling of what to do next is right there

by Abraham Hicks

You seek this clarity to just know what to do next, which decision to make?

It is my honor to show you exactly how to

Grow in Self-Awareness to getting to know yourself better, your values, strength, dreams, and vision

Start trusting yourself more by understanding your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions

Align your Mind, Heart, and Gut to make the right decisions in business, as well personal life

Not let self-doubts and insecurities hold you back anymore

find our life calling, purposeful and passionate

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What my clients say


Thank you so much for such a valuable and supportive coaching session! You truly have a positive spirit dear Janina and the session really helped me reflect on my own limiting beliefs. It created a shift in my thinking and I now feel empowered and motivated to move on without doubting myself. During the coaching session. I was able to understand where my negative self-talk is coming from and gain clarity on how to overcome this. I also have to say the energy you create during the conversation coaching is very comforting and it feels like a safe space. I really appreciate this!

Sophie A

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I have just come off today's true self and core values mindfulness circle. Loved the 30 minutes of switching off from the world to focus on my core. It was a great safe space to be vulnerable to the group and share how I will practice my core value straight away. Janina gave a brilliant tip of connecting our values to an anchor to ground ourselves in those moments in life where we are overwhelmed and lose ourselves. Awesome session thank you, Janina Schick.

Parvez P


I had an amazing hypnotherapy session with Janina Schick and the method used was so beneficial for me. Not knowing what to expect, I felt safe and taken care of the entire time. I would highly recommend this modality to anyone willing to make changes. Thank you for the care and guidance throughout the session Janina.

Cherylann D


Janina really makes you feel heard and appreciated. She has a wonderfully warm and open energy and enthusiasm that inspires. Figuring out aspects of being in business as a coach from niche and brand messaging to enrollment and growing my tribe is all places where she has made a direct contribution to my progress and growth. I feel blessed that she is part of my journey and highly recommend seeking her support to be a part of yours.

Elizabeth S


Janina has taught me a lot throughout our coaching sessions together - she helped me immensely with my struggles to handle stress and anxiety and whenever I feel the need for more sessions, she is always ready to help me. Janina is an empathetic and supportive person and helped me to gain clarity about what I was struggling with. I felt very comfortable with her and she made it easy for me to open up. I always felt understood and encouraged. I can fully-heartedly recommend working with her. Thank you Janina.

Jennifer S

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