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Free mini course
Self-esteem strengths 

anmldung kostenose minikurs


Do you always feel like you are not enough or do you feel guilty?

Do you notice that nervousness and insecurities are standing in your way?

You constantly compare your appearance or your performance with others or you find it difficult to differentiate yourself.

You don't take your own needs and desires seriously and prioritize others over yourself?

If your answer is yes, then you are most likely unaware of your own true worth!


You can work on your self-esteem! You can recognize again how valuable you are, and above all,
that your worth does not depend on externals like success, looks, or marital status.


In this small course you will learn 5 powerful exercises that will help you increase your self-esteemto rediscoverand tostrengthen.

After registering for free, you get access to the course page and can do the course when and as often as you want.


  • Did you get to know yourself a little better?

  • Do you know what mindfulness means and how you can use it for yourself?

  • Do you know effective exercises that you can easily use in everyday life?

  • you have more clarity about what robs you of energy and what gives you energy

Until you realize your own worth, it will be impossible
to love yourself and your life. Get started today with this free mini-course

Hello, I'm Janina

As a naturopath, coach, mindfulness trainer and Reiki master, I support my clients in freeing themselves from fears and insecurities. Through my work and also from my own past, I know that awareness of our own worth is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. I myself have spent years keeping myself small, not trusting myself and looking for recognition in the outside world. I've learned that every positive change starts on the inside, and that's exactly where I want to accompany you: inside

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