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About me

Janina Schick - Über mich

Working as a Holistic Health Therapist, Coach & Reiki Master

is not just what I do for a living;

it is my passion

Vortrag Achtsamkeit

Hi, I'm Janina

I am happy you are here!

My professional career began in physiotherapy, from where I embarked on an in-depth journey through the world of holistic healing. This path paved the way for me to become self-employed. Nowadays, I offer personalized sessions, courses and trainings with the aim of creating harmony between body, mind and soul.

Self-compassion opens up the space, that allows healing.

My journey of healing

I was born in Munich, where I spent most of my life until my passion for traveling and the desire for a nature-related and simpler lifestyle brought me to Costa Rica, where I have lived since 2017.

I too once faced great challenges, struggled with anxiety, low self-esteem and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. These experiences taught me to recognize the power of inner work. They motivated me to not only change my own life for the better, but also to help others discover their own inner strength. It is a testimony that change is possible and a call to courageously take the first step.

Life is too short to
live according to other people’s ideas.

Achtsamkeit, Café, Panamá

Connection to nature and animals

My love for nature and animals is an essential part of my life. Kala, my loyal companion, joins me on numerous adventures. Together we immerse ourselves in the exciting world of agility training and dog dancing. These activities not only bring us joy, but also strengthen our bond in a special way.

For me it is of utmost importance that my actions and my heart

are in harmony in everything I do.

My wish for you

My goal is to create a space of trust and openness where you feel safe to begin your own healing journey. I know from my own experience how challenging this path can be. But I firmly believe that each of us has the power to change within us. Let's find out together how I can support you on your journey.

My training and further education

  • Gentle Trauma Release Method©  - The Gentle Trauma Release Institute. 

  • Strategic Life Coaching, The Priority Academy

  • Life Coaching, Achology - Academy for Modern Applied Psychology

  • Usui Reiki Master, Lisa Powers

  • EFT-Tapping Practitioner & Master Practitioner, The Priority Academy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT, Achology - Academy for Modern Applied Psychology

  • Neurolinguistic Programming - NLP, Achology - Academy for Modern Applied Psychology

  • Hypnotherapy, Academy for Modern Applied Psychology

  • Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction, Dave Potter - Palouse Mindfulness

  • Physiotherapy, Central Hospital Augsburg, Germany

  • Manual Lymph drainage, Foeldi Institue Munich

  • Naturopathy, Health Department Munich, Germany

  • Applied Kinesiology - Basic Course

  • Heart-Centered Therapy - Trauma Psychotherapy, Chikly Health Institute

  • Craniosacral-Therapy, Upledger Institue Germany

Discover new paths in our
free clarity session

This conversation offers you the opportunity to talk about your wishes and challenges in a relaxed setting. It is a first step in finding out how I can best support you on your personal journey.

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