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About me

Janina Schick - Über mich

Working as a Coach & Holistic Health Therapist

is not just what I do for a living;

it is my passion

Vortrag Achtsamkeit


Great to have you here!

I want to help you overcome your fears and insecurities and heal your emotional wounds. Together, we will work to unleash your full potential and create a life you truly love, because:

Life’s too short to be living someone

else’s idea of life.


I was born in Munich, Germany, where I lived most of my life. My love for tropical weather, flora, and fauna brought me to Costa Rica, where I have lived since 2017.


From my own experience, I know what it means to conform one's life to the expectations of others, and how tiring and unsatisfying this way of life is. 


I suffered from recurring panic attacks and the limiting belief that I simply wasn't good enough. Several key moments and an autoimmune disease led me to realize that I needed to make a change, and most importantly, that this change needed to happen within me.

My own story has shown me what is possible, when we find the courage to look within and heal our wounds.

This is my greatest motivation for my work with people who long for more, be it more joy, fulfillment, health, or meaning.

Achtsamkeit, Café, Panamá

What matters most to me is that my beliefs, values and actions

are in alignment with my heart

klientenstimme, feedback,

Jessica F

During Janina's (online) hypnosis I was able to relax and let go of my surroundings completely. Within just a couple of minutes, I felt I was in some kind of trance and Janina was able to help me with my problems by talking to my higher consciousness and asking questions. Afterward, I was a little tired but super relaxed and since then I've been feeling so much better. I can really recommend it!

klientenstimme, feedback

Jennifer S

Janina has taught me a lot throughout our coaching sessions together - she helped me immensely with my struggles to handle stress and anxiety and whenever I feel the need for more sessions, she is always ready to help me. Janina is an empathetic and supportive person and helped me to gain clarity about what I was struggling with. I can full-heartedly recommend working with her.
Thank you, Janina.


Are you at peace with your past, with your story?

We all have our own unique story, and it's essential to accept the past and heal the wounds, in order to create the future you want!

Rewrite your personal book of life and write the chapter and ending you desire!

I'd love to help you find peace with all that is still hurting you.

Let 's get in touch!


In your free 45-minute clarity session, you can explain to me what you'd like to work on, 
ask me any questions and get a first impression of my coaching style.
Book your free clarity session right here:


  • Gentle Trauma Release Method©  - The Gentle Trauma Release Institute. 

  • Strategic Life Coaching, The Priority Academy

  • Life Coaching, Achology - Academy for Modern Applied Psychology

  • Usui Reiki Master, Lisa Powers

  • EFT-Tapping Practitioner & Master Practitioner, The Priority Academy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT, Achology - Academy for Modern Applied Psychology

  • Neurolinguistic Programming - NLP, Achology - Academy for Modern Applied Psychology

  • Hypnotherapy, Academy for Modern Applied Psychology

  • Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction, Dave Potter - Palouse Mindfulness

  • Physiotherapy, Central Hospital Augsburg, Germany

  • Manual Lymph drainage, Foeldi Institue Munich

  • Naturopathy, Health Department Munich, Germany

  • Applied Kinesiology - Basic Course

  • Heart-Centered Therapy - Trauma Psychotherapy, Chikly Health Institute

  • Craniosacral-Therapy, Upledger Institue Germany


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