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Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training

Admission Liaison

Janina Schick

About the Gentle Trauma Release training

The Gentle Trauma Release (GTR) training offers a holistic system that provides in-depth knowledge and clear instructions to support deep and sustainable trauma healing in clients. It is specifically designed to be used in various counseling and therapeutic contexts, such as coaching and psychotherapy.

The GTR training enables you

To support your clients competently and reliably in healing their traumatic symptoms

To learn how to successfully let go of traumatic experiences and emotions

To have a comprehensive and deep understanding of trauma, even if you have not yet completed any trauma-related training

To work with confidence as you truly understand what is going on with your clients and how you can help them

I am very honored to work for the Gentle Trauma Release Institute in the following positions:

  • Holistic Wellbeing Mentor

  • Student Advisor / Study Advice

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© is an important pillar in my work and I cannot imagine life without it.

I would be happy to support you on your path to the Gentle Trauma Release training and answer all your questions.

I am so grateful to be able to work with the Gentle Trauma Release Method© and for how much it helps my clients!

I'm thrilled when you also choose to engage in this work!

How I can help

I will answer all the questions you have about the Gentle Trauma Release© training.

To find out if the Gentle Trauma Release© training is the next right step for you.

To clarify when the best starting point is for you to begin your Gentle Trauma Release© training.

To share with you my personal experience with the Gentle Trauma Release© training as well as the Gentle Trauma Release work.

To help you navigate and feel supported during your Gentle Trauma Release© training.

Book your free
GTR consultation with me:

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