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Reiki Ausbildung, Usui Reiki, Reiki Lernen

Reiki Training Course

Strengthen your Trust

Activate your Self-Healing

Learn to give Reiki to yourself & others

When you choose to learn Reiki with me, you are choosing to heal from within. Reiki is the path to your center, a journey characterized by spiritual and personal growth. Reiki helps you live your inner wisdom and strength and trust yourself completely.I would be very happy if I could accompany and support you on this journey.

I have taught Reiki in person and online and there is no difference in the depth and quality of the training.In personal sessions via Zoom, I can answer all your questions and adapt the training to your learning speed.

In addition to the online meetings, you will receive access to videos showing exercises and techniques, as well as meditations, workbooks and exercise protocols. I have written a very detailed and extensive manual for each of the three Usui Reiki levels, which you will receive by post.

Reiki is so much more than “laying on of hands”,

it is a form of life.

Overview of the 3 Reiki Levels

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Janina was a wonderful companion on my Reiki journey in 2023. Starting with the repeat courses for Grade 1 & 2, then the Reiki seminar series on specific topics and now the master and teacher training at the end of the year.

I can highly recommend Janine as a Reki teacher and would take every single course again because I enjoyed it so much and learned a lot. She imparts her holistic knowledge in a natural way and shares her valuable wealth of experience. The comprehensive manuals and the online portal perfectly complement the online live group meetings.

Finally, I would like to highlight Janina's weekly Reiki Circle, which offers a wonderful exchange between Reiki practitioners.

A very big thank you to Janina and Reiki ✨



Enhance your naturally given ability to heal yourself and strengthen your self-confidence by taking responsibility for your health and well-being.


Understand how your body, mind, and spirit are interconnected and how you can enhance your healing and growth on all levels


Reiki connects us with our higher self and wisdom, and when giving Reiki to yourself, you will find it easier to make decisions and to trust yourself.


Channel Reiki to your friends, family, clients, and even animals, to enhance their healing and well-being. You will be able to use Reiki in your business, and for personal use.


A Reiki self-treatment is an act of self-love and there is nothing more empowering than being able to enhance your healing yourself!


Reiki is deeply relaxing and grounding. I will teach you additional meditations and breathing techniques you will be able to do on your on after the training

Reiki zu lernen ist eine tiefe und persönliche Reise,

weshalb sich meine Reiki Ausbildungen

über mehrere Wochen erstrecken

My Gift for You

All of my Reiki students can attend my weekly Reiki Circle for free (during the training course)


Reiki Ausbildung, Costa Rica, Gruppenausbildung, Usui Reiki

I offer all Reiki trainings in personal 1:1 sessions, as well as for small groups (max. 6 people).

Currently, all training courses takes place online via zoom. More face-to-face courses in Costa Rica are planned.

If you are interested in my Reiki training, book your free Reiki Info-Call with me

Learn more about the three different Reiki Levels 


Reiki is Love.

Love is Wholeness.

Wholeness is Balance

Balance is Well-being

Well-being is Freedom of Disease

- Mikao Usui



I have done the REIKI training with Janina and am totally thrilled :). I have long thought about whether I should go this "unusual" way; Janina's nice and gentle way of being has then convinced me or encouraged me. 

The course is very nicely structured, with lots of great information, exercises and: lots of room for questions. Janina is always available for me and always gives me feedback when I need it. She is super sympathetic, patient and competent. 

It is not just a course, but a beautiful journey together in a nice group. After the 1st degree, I could hardly wait to start the second course and I know: I will definitely do the master degree with her as well :)!

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