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Coaching und Therapie Ansatz

My Approach

You & Me 1:1
you and me

I offer a variety of different therapies and coaching modalities, which I intuitively combine and adapt to your current situation and needs. 


The following three beliefs are reflected in all my sessions:

1. You are unique!

Each person has different strengths

Each person is in an individual phase of their life

Each person has a unique life story

Each person has their own rhythm

Each person has different values, dreams, and goals

Frau in Natur, Coaching Ansatz
Meditation in Natur, Achtsamkeit

2. You are multidimensional!

Body, mind and soul constantly interact with each other and influence each other, which is why I always perceive you as an independent individual and in your multidimensionality.

There are always reasons why we feel the way we feel and behave the way we behave.


Recognizing your wholeness is the focus of my work.

3. You are unconditionally worthy!

Most of us grow up with experiences that cause us to question our own worth, leading to internal beliefs such as: "I'm not good enough" and "I'm not lovable."

The universal truth, however, is that you are unconditionally worthy, regardless of past experiences and the opinions of others.

I would like to help you so that you too can recognize and live this truth again!

Image by Julia Caesar


Together, we declutter your thoughts and beliefs before you let go of the ones which no longer serve you. Your personal values and desires are uncovered and prioritized. Guided by them, you redesign your life, crafting intentional, heart-led goals inspired by your new outlook. Although most often it’s not really “new” at all, rather returning to the core of it all, to what you desired before you were ever told what you should think, do, want, believe, or be.

I will help you align your head and your heart so that you can find answers to your questions yourself, because I know that everything you are looking for already lies within you.

You are the most important person you will ever meet!

Discover new paths in our
free clarity session

This conversation offers you the opportunity to talk about your wishes and challenges in a relaxed setting. It is a first step in finding out how I can best support you on your individual path.

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