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Healing Stories from my Clients


Britta aus Deutschland

Ich habe Janina 2019 durch eine Empfehlung kennen gelernt.
Mit Janinas liebevoller Begleitung, ihrer Feinfühligkeit, Klarheit, Empathie, ihren Fachkenntnissen und ihrer Wissbegier und Neugier immer wieder neue Methoden zu erforschen und Erlernen, die das Leben von Menschen friedlicher und glücklicher machen können , hat sie mir Wege gezeigt, wie die mit Staub bedeckten positiven Energien wieder an die Oberfläche gebracht werden können und wie eine andere mentale Perspektiven eine ganzheitliche Heilung fördern können.
Ich bin ihr aus tiefstem Herzen dankbar für ihre kontinuierliche Bereitschaft und Erreichbarkeit mich bei meinen Herausforderungen zu begleiten und ich wünsche ihr und allen Seelen, die mit Janina in Verbindung gehen und so Heilung erfahren dürfen ganz viel Liebe und Frieden.

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Christine aus Deutschland

Janina, a wonderful, warm person I had the pleasure to meet, and I am so happy about it.  I first met Janina through her online course about self-love and mindfulness,  and it immediately harmonized.

Through the 1:1 sessions with her, my life has already changed a lot. I have learned to accept myself and to take things that happen one step at a time.

Then Janina approached me about the Reiki training and since I had already looked into it before, I knew that the right moment to learn Reiki has come. Since then, my life has improved so much. I am more balanced, know how to handle stressful situations better, and am in harmony with myself. And the best thing is, I can and may pass all this on, which I am super proud of. 

Thank you so much for everything, dear Janina. I am so grateful to know you!

- Christine Z. from Germany

Silke aus Deutschland

In the last two years, Janina has helped me a lot through different phases of my life. I have learned to change the perspective on my anxiety.

All these years, I didn't know the trigger for my anxiety disorder and Janina helped me realize, that it doesn't need a big traumatizing event, but that even small situations in everyday life can be triggers.

I learned to stand up for myself and to communicate my wishes and boundaries assertively.

The different techniques I learned helped me a lot in everyday life and if one technique didn't suit me, we tried another one. 

With Janina, I didn't feel like I was just a patient on a list. Rather, you can feel that she puts her heart and soul into helping. Her empathetic, understanding and open manner made it easy for me to open up and immediately build trust. After each session, I felt stronger and empowered.

I can heartily recommend Janina - no psychologist has been able to help me as well as Janina did.

- Silke from Germany


Carole aus Schottland

I would highly recommend working with Janina Schick to treat trauma. If you have tried CBT, NLP and Counselling (even if you have not) to no avail I would highly recommend having a consultation with Janina.  Janina uses GTR (gentle trauma release) therapy to work with the mind AND the body to gently release trauma. I have been lucky enough to have had 4 truly eye-opening sessions with Janina using GTR.
Before the sessions, I often found myself in the same situations in life experiencing the same emotions, same behaviour and same outcome – it was like groundhog day!  I found myself overreacting to perceived triggers even though at a head level I knew better!

Having used other methods previously, I was aware that I still felt emotions very strongly stuck within my body in situations where I was triggered.  With the help of GTR I was able to truly experience these emotions and what lay beneath.
The experience is VERY powerful and works surprisingly very quickly!
Janina has a wealth of knowledge and experience using many different modalities to help others release trauma, however I think the GTR was the most effective.

Janina is genuinely very interested in being able to help others and her openness, empathy and unconditional acceptance is woven throughout her sessions.  You really do feel heard and understood.
In addition, Janina teaches and provides tools for you to use that allows you to work on things between sessions. As a result of these sessions, I am forming a deeper connection with myself and working through the emotions has allowed me to break the circle of groundhog day, allowing me to feel free to create what I want in life.

- Carole aus Schottland


Sophie aus Deutschland

Thank you so much for such a valuable and supportive coaching session! You truly have a positive spirit dear Janina and the session really helped me reflect on my own limiting beliefs. It created a shift in my thinking and I now feel empowered and motivated to move on without doubting myself.

During the coaching session. I was able to understand where my negative self-talk is coming from and gain clarity on how to overcome this.

I also have to say the energy you create during the coaching conversation is very comforting and it feels like a safe space. I really appreciate this!

- Sophie from Germany


Jennifer aus Costa Rica

Janina has taught me a lot throughout our coaching sessions together - she helped me immensely with my struggles to handle stress and anxiety and whenever I feel the need for more sessions, she is always ready to help me. Janina is an empathetic and supportive person and helped me to gain clarity about what I was struggling with. I felt very comfortable with her and she made it easy for me to open up.

I always felt understood and encouraged. I can full-heartedly recommend working with her.

Thank you, Janina.

- Jennifer from Costa Rica


Sandra aus Deutschland

I have received a Reiki remote treatment from Janina. Before that I was feeling very bad because of the current situation. In addition, I was skeptical whether Reiki actually works over such a distance. But my gut feeling led me to Janina and it was right. It was incredible. I noticed exactly when she started and stopped. I had an incredible inner peace during the treatment, it was a feeling of peace. I felt so much better afterwards.

Also a meditation with EFT from her helped me a lot. I am truly grateful to have met Janina and enjoy any interaction with her.

Her treatments are an absolute heart recommendation from me. 💖

- Sandra from Germany


Parvez aus England

Janina is an excellent life coach. Through coaching sessions with her I have been able to identify my limiting beliefs, know where they are coming from, make peace with them and surpass them to become my better self. Janina gave me space to just be me and really focus on three areas of my life. My 'Mind', 'Body' and 'Spirit'. My inner 'Spirit' has become stronger as I now acknowledge thoughts that lead to anxiety and depression as passing clouds without giving them the power to turn into storm clouds turning my feelings and emotions into thunder and lightning. I now give my inner power to my core values which Janina allowed me to unearth through deep powerful questioning of who I am and through which I now have a mindset of continuous growth and betterment. Thank you Janina for the great coaching sessions.

- Parvez from the UK


Wow! A discovery call with Janina has led me to have a massive inner shift and growth in my confidence. Janina has a wonderful way of eliciting what is buried deep within. I discovered so much in just a short hour and feel empowered going forward. I cannot recommend her more highly!
- Katie from the UK

Katie aus England


Jacy aus den Vereinigten Staaten

Janina is intuitive, empathic and truly embodies what she teaches. My session with her was transformative in so many ways for me because I left feeling a deeper connection to myself.

She actively listens and really takes the time to ground herself before working with you - I felt this because her ego was never involved in our session - not once.

Janina isn't the type of coach to walk away after your session and wish you the best, she genuinely cares about your progress and evolvement in your emotional healing.

She reached out several times to check in with me and made me feel very supported.

I highly recommend working with Janina.

You will be grateful you did!

- Jacy from the United States


Rebecca aus den Vereinigten Staaten

Janina is an empathetic and knowledgeable coach.

I love how she works from an intuitive space to create the most out of a session.

I highly recommend working with her!

- Rebecca from the United States


Elizabeth aus den Vereinigten Staaten

Janina really makes you feel heard and appreciated. She has a wonderfully warm and open energy and enthusiasm that inspires. Figuring out aspects of being in business as a coach from niche and brand messaging to enrollment and growing my tribe are all places where she has made a direct contribution to my progress and growth.
I feel blessed that she is part of my journey and highly recommend seeking her support to be a part of yours.

- Elizabeth from the United States


Melissa aus Deutschland

I had a Distance Reiki Session with Janina. I had never tried a distance session but I got really curious and decided to try it. It was fascinating to see how much I could feel the energy shift inside of me. Not only did I experienced very deep relaxation, but I could feel like something on a deeper level was happening.

Janina was a great listener in our conversation after the Reiki Session and I am already looking forward to the next one!

- Melissa from Germany

Abigail aus Israel

I just had AMAZING REIKI session with Janina Schick. It was my first session in my life! I felt a few days ago I need it,(when one lady told me she had once reiki and it shifted her energy) and then I found Janina and it was the best decision ever! I was so scared... Not knowing what to expect... Can it even work in distance? When the session began and I was on my bed lying down I could feel the energy coming to my body and flowing in. I set the intention to release all blockages and all to be for my highest good (as Janina guided me). I felt at some point heat in my throat (all diseases in my life always were related with my throat). After we had a phone call Janina told me what parts of my body she worked on and why and everything made sense. She didn't know anything about me. All she said was actual issues in my life connected to certain body parts/chakras. Crazy! Then I told her about my experience. And one super tangible immediate effect: it was I could breathe! Of course, everyone can breathe but I could not breathe fully to my stomach, something was blocking me from full breaths. Suddenly after 30 minutes, I could breathe deeply for the first time in years! I felt aligned and some energy change! I can't wait for more revelations, changes, balanced energy, and wow! I want to recommend it to everyone! Just super fantastic! Try it, give yourself this gift of healing! I'm so glad I did! And can't wait for more good things to come now!!! Just wow!!! I was in traditional coaching and it's great, but this energy work is all different things! Combining them both I think is such a wise idea! So recommended!

- Abigail from Israel


Cherylann aus Australien

I had an amazing hypnotherapy session with Janina Schick and the method used was so beneficial for me. Not knowing what to expect, I felt safe and taken care of the entire time.

I would highly recommend this modality to anyone willing to make changes.

Thank you for the care and guidance 

throughout the session, Janina.

Cherylann from Australia

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Dennis aus Frankreich

Janina has delivered a series of 4 workshops on Mindfulness to our community at Butterfly11 Tribe. The topic sparked great interest from our members and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive! Having attended these workshops myself, I can say that the series was extremely well built up, each topic building on the previous one to form a logical and natural flow. Janina is clearly a master at Mindfulness and I particularly loved how she coupled her knowledge with her heart and passion for the subject. Going through the series brought us a much better understanding of ourselves, our relationship with others, and our past, as well as practical tools to manage our emotions such as stress! I am now looking forward to the follow-up event next Monday and to many more workshops by Janina of course.

- Dennis from France

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Stuart aus England

I consider myself fortunate to have met Janina Schick and she has helped me on my journey to becoming more mindful and heartful. Firstly, I experienced a full 1-2-1 session with Janina where she led me gently and purposefully to get in touch with my softer and more mindful self. In particular, she had me center on a continuous sense of anxiety that manifested in weird and ugly sensations in my body. I am still working through this, but I have a much greater sense of how to manage these sensations mindfully and heartfully. And then secondly, I have attended a number of linked workshops that Janina has run for groups of about 20 attendees. I never knew there was so much to being mindful and my knowledge expanded considerably! I have read a lot on the topic, but there are clear benefits to having someone explain the topic and then guide me and the other attendees through a series of mindful exercises - and Janina is excellent at leading these sessions. I really resonated with her teaching and coaching style. 

I feel truly blessed to have met Janina and to have been guided by her both 1-2-1 and in more general workshops. I highly recommend her.

- Stuart from the UK


What I can say about Janina: I would put emphasis on her love to empower other people. If you decide to have a session with Janina, you will be in an environment where you can open your heart and your worries. In return, you will get a person who walks with you every step of the way, guides you, understands you, and compassionately shows you, that you are really special!

- Anna from the UK

Anna aus England

abbey (2) (1) (1).png

Abbey aus Australien

Thank you so much for the Breakthrough session, Janina. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I definitely feel like I had a breakthrough.
Not only did I spend the second half of our conversation crying, but I also spend the next hour sobbing and reflecting on the last 40 years of my life. My eyes are puffy and swollen today, I cried so much I definitely feel better today, and I know that I'll be able to move forward with more clarity and awareness of how I respond to personal and professional interactions. Thank you for asking me to confront my fears and supporting through the process. The world needs more coaches like you.

- Abbey from Australien

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