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Gentle Trauma Release Method


The Gentle Trauma Release Method© (GTR) is an elegant, complete and gentle method of simple interventions that provide deep and reliable trauma release and lasting healing from trauma.


This unique method has the power to return people to their natural state of well-being and balance!

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© is, as the name implies, gentle and is based on the understanding that trauma is not only an emotional or psychological phenomenon, but also a physical response to an event or persistent situation.

This is the reason, why we involve the body in the process of releasing and healing trauma.

The crucial element of healing from trauma is making the body feel safe to take this step

GTR© combines talk therapy with specific physical movements that allow your nervous system (especially the vagus nerve) to experience a state of safety, well-being, and peace. This is the state it takes to release trauma from the body and to heal fully.


Gentle Trauma Release© is science-based, integrating therapeutic and healing modalities that have stood the test of time.

When I talk about trauma, I'm not just referring to events of catastrophic proportions. 
Here you can learn more about what exactly trauma is and how our body responds to it.

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