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Heart-Centered Therapy

What is Heart-Centered Therapy

Heart-Centered Therapy (HCT) is a gentle and compassionate approach to emotional, physical and spiritual healing based on following the voice of your heart that guides you toward wholeness and harmony. In a HZT session, I will guide you through a series of questions that will help you identify turning points in your life that continue to impact you today. Emotional wounds can be healed and integrated at their core.

This unique form of therapy, developed by Chikly Health Institute, is based on the belief that the heart is not only a vital organ, but also a center of love, compassion, and wisdom. As part of this therapy, you will learn to connect with your heart to identify and heal hidden emotions, blockages, and trauma.


The advantages of heart-centered therapy are many. By relying on the wisdom and love of your heart, you can heal deep-rooted emotional wounds and find inner peace. This form of therapy allows you to free yourself from negative thought patterns and stressful emotions and lead a life full of joy, love, and fulfillment. HZT directly addresses the physical symptoms, unresolved emotions and the original trauma, because that is where negative beliefs were formed that still influence you today.


In a safe space of love and compassion, you can feel free and discover your true self without reliving the hurt and emotional wounds of trauma. HZT makes it possible to heal your inner child and shape your future freely and self-determinedly.

Discover new paths in our
free clarity session

This conversation offers you the opportunity to talk about your wishes and challenges in a relaxed setting. It is a first step in finding out how I can best support you on your individual path.

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