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This saying will change your life


I wrote this article before the current COVID-19 pandemic. Please have that in mind when you read it. I am, of course, not referring to infectious diseases in this article. Thank you!


One of the most important sayings I came across while becoming a Reiki Master is:

When you are sick do not seek a cure. Find your center (Hara) and you will be healed.

It might seem vague or superficial at first sight, but when pondering on it, you will realize its depth and truth.

Why do we get sick in the first place (physically and mentally)?

Why doesn't everyone around us have the same condition?

Why does one sibling get an autoimmune disease and the other one not, while having very similar genes (not the same ones, because of gene recombination, but we all can agree on having very similar genes with our siblings)

Yes, there is a number of environmental aspects we need to take into consideration:

Diet, heavy metals, pollution, the cleanliness of the water we drink and use for cooking, and of course family dynamics. How much love did we get when growing up, and I mean unconditional love? Love that was not attached to achievement or good behavior. How much trauma did we experience, how much conditioning?

All these are highly important aspects that either contribute to our health or compromise our health.

But there also is one more factor: Our choice!

Whilst we can not go back in time, foreseeing a trauma and preventing it from happening, or retrospectively changing our diet, we have the choice to be in the present moment, to choose something better now, to take care of ourselves now, to do healing work, now. It is hard to realize that even though someone else did cause the hurt, we are the ones who have the responsibility to heal from it. BUT with a shift of perspective, this carries something wonderful: EMPOWERMENT. Because once we take responsibility for our healing, for our present, past, and future, we have the power to change something, today, creating our future, today. We have the choice, every single day to contribute to our health, or to compromise our health. While studying Reiki 1, 2, and ultimately becoming a Reiki Master, this was my biggest personal breakthrough. Reiki is much more than a hands-on healing modality. It is a way of living, it is a way of taking responsibility for our life and our health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. So again my question: Why do we even get sick in the first place? Because something is not in balance.

There is no shame in being out of balance, as it happens so easily.

When we are honest to ourselves, admitting that we are out of balance, choosing to find our balance again, we might be able to see the gift in it. The gift in receiving the sign and reminder in the form of sickness showing us that we are out of balance, not being connected with, and living out of our center.

Are you at home in your body?

Are you living in your center?

Are you taking responsibility for the present moment?

Coming home

The Hara is the physical and spiritual power center that allows every physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual experience to happen because ‘I am already at home in my own home’.

The Hara feels whether it is right to put my decisiveness into a new idea and to take on any challenges.

The spirit of the Hara is such that the concept of time does not exist. It dissolves into the quiet spirit of the here and now, allowing me to listen to the voice of my heart.

The Hara is like the second brain that regulates intelligence and urges intuition to feel before thinking. The left hemisphere does not know the right hemisphere but the right one is connected to the heart center and the tanden.

-Tomas Nelissen

Inside the Hara, there is a wonderful Energy Field, The Lower Dan Tien, also called "Elixir Field", or "Sea of Qi" The Hara and the lower Dan Tien impact the whole body, guiding us to abundance of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Activate your Hara and Lower Dan Tien with a simple yet effective Breathing Meditation every morning:

  1. Sit comfortably with your spine straight

  2. Close your eyes

  3. Observe your breath. Observe the movement in your body while inhaling, and the movement in your body while exhaling

  4. Now place your hand on your Lower Dan Tien (2 fingers below the navel) and breathe into this area. You will feel your hand rising while you inhale and falling while you exhale. Repeat this for 2 minutes

  5. Now when you inhale visualize inhaling Qi (or Ki), Universal Life Energy. You can visualize it as a golden light, warm and healing. Inhale this golden light and with your mind, you direct it into your Lower Dan Tien. When you exhale you visualize this golden light flowing through your entire body, also downward, into the earth, grounding and connecting you with the earth. Repeat for 2 minutes

  6. Continue with this breathing technique and place your tongue right behind your upper teeth. This is a special point where the 2 energy circuits of our body meet. The first circuit goes down at the front of our body and the second circuit goes up at the back of our body. When stimulating this point, you connect these 2 circuits which will lead to harmony and balance

  7. Continue with this breathing for as long as you want.


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