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Have fun and inspiration!


While you wait for my email, I have something else for you!

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As you know, mindfulness, or even self-care, is not something we learn by just "understanding".

Both are something we must DO, something we must choose to do on a daily basis!

As a mindfulness teacher, I still practice it every day.

If you want to practice mindfulness in addition to your new calendar,

I have two great ideas for you on how to do this!

Weekly Mindfulness

on-line event

Every Sunday at 6 p.m. we come together to practice mindfulness together!

I've been giving online mindfulness groups for over a year and have experienced the value of a group energy practice! 

You are cordially invited to join the group and get involved!

Here you can find out more:

7-Day Mindfulness for Self-Love -

online course

Would you rather practice on your own?

Then take a look at my online course:

7-day mindfulness for self-love.

Here you will get to know different aspects of self-love and how you can bring more self-love and self-esteem into your life with awareness and self-knowledge.

Here you can find out more:

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