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Be where you are, be there totally
- Eckard Tolle



Mindfulness is the practice of directing your attention, intention, and awareness to the present moment;
to become aware of what is going on inside you and understand how your inner world affects your outer world and vice versa. 

Many mindfulness techniques originate from ZEN Buddhism and are practiced by people all over the world.
In today's society, living "on autopilot" is common. Bringing more mindfulness into your life will help you see yourself in a different light and develop a healthy way of dealing with your emotions.


Your body reacts instantly to your thoughts. What you focus on, and the quality of your thoughts, immediately influence your emotional state. When your mind wanders to the past, replaying experiences, you can feel sadness, frustration, resentment, or depression in the present moment. 


When your mind wanders to the future, imagining worst-case scenarios, you can feel anxious, insecure, and doubt yourself. 

In both cases, your mind is not in the here-and-now but rather is manufacturing thoughts that immediately create an emotional response. 

Janina Schick, Meditation, Achtsamkeit

    No one can harm you more than your own mind untamed.
No one can help you more than your own mind, wisely trained.
- Buddha 

Meditation, Natur, Atmung, Achtsamkeit


Meditation is a wonderful and powerful way of practicing Mindfulness, of connecting with yourself and finding peace within.

Starting a Meditation practice is a great way to grow in self-awareness, however a mindful way of life consists of much more.

Mindfulness only has an impact on our life, if we make it a daily habit, if we choose self-awareness every day, in our work, with our friends, and partner. Reflecting on our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, while learning to pause rather than react, is at the heart of Mindfulness. 


Awareness of your breath and breathwork is an important part of Mindfulness, because your breath always happens in the here-and-now, and is, therefore, a natural and always-available anchor for you.

Bringing awareness to your breath leads to deep relaxation as it stimulates your Vagus Nerve, which is part of your Autonomic Nervous  System.

Stimulating your Vagus Nerve leads to a reduction of anxiety, stress, depression, and regulation of blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, digestion, kidney function, and much more...

Meditation am Strand


You want to practice Mindfulness but don't know how and where to start?

You have tried to meditate but it didn't really work or you ended up frustrated and with the conclusion: "This does not work for me?"

You are experienced in meditation but you like the idea of meditating together in a group?

If so, I want to invite you, to join my weekly  Mindfulness Circle, where we will meditate together, in a group of like-minded people


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