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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping therapy, is an effective and holistic healing method that can easily be learned and applied on its own. It can demonstrably dissolve stress, fears, phobias, emotional blocks, trauma, and chronic pain, but also helps for weight control, limiting beliefs, and honestly with everything you can imagine!


EFT tapping has a positive influence on body, mind, and soul, knowing that physical pain and mental health are connected in a complex way with our emotional state. While tapping certain meridian points and formulating statements that resonate with you and your issue, the unwanted or unpleasant (fear, worry, unresolved trauma, pain, etc.) is dissolved and transformed into self-acceptance and self-love. By tapping these meridian points, the brain, nervous system, and suppressed emotions experience a sense of security, which leads to healing.

Meridian points are known from acupuncture, where they are used very effectively and  EFT-Tapping uses these points without a needle and pain, but by tapping with your fingers.

Introduction to EFT
(In German)

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