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Many have an unfounded image of hypnosis and, unfortunately, often unfounded fear, because therapeutic hypnosis has absolutely nothing to do with the hypnosis that you may have seen on television.


Hypnotherapy is undisputedly one of the most effective healing methods, as it opens the 'gateway to the subconscious. About 90% of our consciousness lies in the subconscious, which means that memories, habits, conflicts, fears and beliefs about ourselves that affect us every day are for the most part not in our consciousness. This means that if trauma is only addressed in the conscious mind (thinking, analyzing, understanding), there is a high probability that it cannot be completely healed.


During hypnotherapy, a state of concentrated relaxation, also known as trance, is achieved. This is important to bypass the critical thinking inherent in it.


The state of trance is a very natural state of our brain that is reached in a lively manner, such as when reading a book with concentration. In a hypnotherapy session, you are the one who determines what happens and you are wide awake all the time.

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you can ask me any questions and get a first impression of my coaching-style.

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