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The scientific explanation of why you can change, grow and heal

The decision to commit to personal development, inner work, growth, and healing is probably the ONE most important decision you can make.

Since this process is not always pleasant and comfortable, I want to encourage you in challenging times by telling you WHY it is possible to change, grow and heal, even when sometimes it may seem it is not.

Did you know that your brain can create completely new connections and pathways? Complete new connections in this huge and complex neuronal network? New connections and pathways mean new emotions, new thoughts, new responses.

Your brain follows the concept:

What you practice, grows stronger.

By bringing Mindfulness into your life and by looking inward to identify your current patterns (typical responses, thought patterns, emotional patterns, interpretations, mental filters, etc.) you can create new ways of responding, new emotions, thoughts, and therefore create new outcomes. The more you practice these new responses, the more they will become your new normal. 1. Awareness & Introspection 2. Identifying current patterns

3. Creating new patterns

4. Practicing new patterns

This ability from your brain is called NEUROPLASTICITY and is the reason why you can overcome and ultimately transform anxiety, fear-based thoughts and behavior, and unwanted habits.

It also is the explanation why you can learn to unconditionally love yourself, even if right now you feel like you don't. And we all know how important it is to love ourselves in the first place, right?

Mindfulness is the means through which, honest self-awareness, confidence, and self-love are the results. Mindfulness is not a "quick fix" solution and requires regular practice, but with the right amount of commitment, you can create the life you truly want!

Have patience with yourself. It took years for your brain to strengthen the pathways it has right now, whether this is self-doubt, negative self-chat, anxiety, or impulsive anger. The current connections in your brain were strengthened and trained for years, maybe even decades and you can not expect to change them in an instant...

...but you can start to create new connections today, and by practicing those, instead of the old ones, create the life and the outcomes you truly want.

You can overcome anxiety

You can overcome self-doubts

You can overcome intrusive thinking

You can change your life

It all starts with the decision to change for the better.

Richie Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds, and friend of the Dalai Lama made three powerful discoveries through his research with respect to Neuroplasticity.

1) Everyone can train their brain to change

2) This change is measurable

3) Meditation is a powerful tool, to create these changes. So, I do hope this article opened some new possibilities for you and your own journey of life. I would love to hear what your thoughts are! Feel free to let me know in the comments!

What you practice grows stronger

Take good care and stay safe,

Warmly, Janina

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