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You are looking for a personal and empathetic support for your journey of personal growth and healing?
This is how we can work together:

3 sessions

6 sessions

15+ sessions

Long-term support:
It has proven successful for my clients to commit to a certain number of sessions, as this allows us to walk through the entire process in a focused and collaborative way. However, I also know that every person and every situation is individual, and I do not believe in the idea of “one size fits all”.
For this reason, I also offer flexible and individual  long-term support. Often the focus here is to maintain the newly gained perspectives and state of well-being in order to cope with everyday challenges more easily.
Even after the process of healing, “life happens.” 
Long-term support usually means that we continue to meet at regular intervals, such as every three or four weeks.  
What exactly long-term support looks like varies from person to person.  I would be happy to discuss with you, which package or support is most suitable for you.


3 sessions

Three sessions give us enough time to take a closer look at what's going on in your life right now, work on your goals, and create a plan that will lead you to the change you desire. You'll learn techniques and tools to help you break free from what's currently holding you back so that you can move forward confidently and with clarity.


  • 1 x Free Clarity Session of 45 minutes

  • A powerful pre-coaching questionnaire that will help us understand what you want to get out of coaching

  • 3 x 60 minutes Coaching Session

  • Worksheets and Resources to help you achieve your goals

  • Email support for the duration of the coaching series to keep you on track or give you a little extra support when needed

  • Flexibility regarding the modalities we use. If we determine that using an additional modality will be beneficial for your progress (e.g.   EFT-Tapping, Reiki),  one of the coaching sessions will be replaced at no additional cost.

Freiheit, Glücklich, Strand


Uncover You

This package is tailored to your situation, needs and goals

Your investment: USD $280
10% discount compared to 3 single sessions
Payment Plan available

In case of financial difficulties, we will find a fair solution together.

Coaching and therapy should not be a privilege, but help all people.

You are curious about this package?
Book your Free Clarity Session so that we can get to know each other 


6 sessions

This package is for you if you want to work on your mindset to break free from limiting beliefs and low self-esteem.
Your current self-image highly depends on interpretations of experiences and how you relate to yourself because of them.
Together we work on your sense of self-worth and transform your negative self-image into unconditional self-love
so that you can thrive, living your life on your own terms.